Building Relationships Through Touch

Building Relationships Through Touch

Building Relationships Through TouchBuilding Relationships Through TouchBuilding Relationships Through Touch

Specializing In Intuitive, Integrated Therapy*

Cancelation Policy


Can't come? No Sweat!

I know that sometimes life happens, plans change, we get sick. I will never charge you for a cancelation. However, there are a few considerations when it comes to cancelling or rescheduling. 


Please call or text if you cannot make it or need to reschedule. 

Late arrivals

Traffic in Austin is unpredictable. I always allow 30 minutes between clients, so a few minutes late is no problem. If you are 15 or more minutes late, however, I will ask that you reschedule or I can work on you for the remaining time allotted. However, you will be charged the full rate. If you get here 10 minutes early, come on in! 


Please cancel if you are sick. 


I share my dental skills all week. I give all I can to my patients. Today was a great experience to get some professional attention back. The massage was great. First I chatted about my concerns and guidelines. Hunter listened well and did a very awesome job. 5 stars - Ken M.

Hunter is an extraordinary massage therapist. I feel very lucky to have found him, and I'm only sorry that I travel so much that I cannot see him on a more regular basis. Very, very highly recommended! - Anton Nell

I am a guy who gets regular massages, whether I have sore muscles or not. Since i bike with regular frequency, Hunter tailors his massages to my specific needs. The touch he applies during his massage never ceases to amaze me. He can do deep tissue massage and eliminate any sore points you may have. His hands are firm and never cause you any pain. He also knows when to talk and when to remain quiet. It is obvious that his sole goal is to give you the most memorable and therapeutic massage you've ever had. That is why he keeps getting me to book appointment after appointment. -Egidio L

Anyone looking for a professional massage must check this dude out. I've had good massages before, but I've never had an exceptional massage until now. Run, don't walk. - Troy B

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New To Massage?

Are you new to massage and have questions? Feel free to speak up! Communication is key to a long lasting, trusting client/therapist relationship. 


About Me


An Introduction to me and my work


More than anything- any agenda or any purpose- my goal is to instill in those who come through my doors the value of touch. When you touch someone, you are not only connecting with their physical, but you are forming a connection with their spirit, their emotions and intellect.  We all come to massage for different reasons. Whether it be for silence and relaxation, or pain management due to overwork and repetitive motion injuries. Hopefully you will leave my table feeling complete. And maybe a little taller.  

I am educated in many modalities, clocking upwards of 1000 hours in class room experience and countless hours of hands on experience. I do not bring my own agenda. I hope to foster a relationship of communication, openness and honesty. I want to know what you hope to get out of the session, and I will do my best to provide that.  I offer not only an incredible sensory inducing Swedish (along with free aroma therapy), but I specialize in deep tissue which mixes myo-fascial release, table Thai massage, and sports massage. I work on athletes pre- and post event, and maintenance in between. I work on musicians with repetitive motion strain, or anyone with any kind of repetitive motion injuries, whether it be occupational or movement from daily life.  

I work out of my home in Northwest Austin. It is clean, cozy, pet and smoke free and shower is available.  I also offer spa therapies including salt and sugar scrubs.  All sessions begin with an intake to assess your needs, so please arrive at least 10 minutes early. 


 TX lic # MT041739


Menu of Services


Long, fluid strokes. Gentle passive stretching and rhythmic rocking.  Swedish massage is a general relaxation session, with only specific deep work if requested. *All Sessions Are Therapeutic Only.*

Deep Tissue

 General to specific work designed around the different modalities I’ve learned over the years (integrated) that I’ve found to be the most effective in treating chronic and acute pain. I will utilize myo-fascial release, trigger point therapy and Thai massage adapted for the table and Swedish techniques to optimize the session. Can be full body or specific spot work for muscle groups. My aim is to start superficially and then melt into the deep muscle fibers. Passive and active stretching is included to articulate and loosen the joints, and stretch out muscle groups for deeper work.  I do not believe in re-injuring the client; I hope to expedite the recovery process, not prolong it.  *All Sessions Are Therapeutic Only.*


"Touch comes before sight, before speech-

it is the first language, and it always tells the truth"

-Margaret Atwood 

I grew up in the high desert of New Mexico, and settled into Texas in 2001. 

As an independent male massage therapist in Austin, I work hard to ensure your comfort. No matter your background, your faith, your heritage, your politics, your orientation- everyone is welcome through my doors. You have a safe space on my table. You own your time with me. Do with it as you wish as long as we are all respected. 

Contact Me

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Better yet, see me in person!

Sessions are by appointment only. For faster response, please call or text. I do not answer blocked or unknown numbers. Please include your name in your introduction if you text.

Hunter Bartlett, LMT Massage & Bodywork

4716 Duval Rd, Austin, Texas 78727, United States

512-859-3639 TX lic MT041739


Monday - Friday: 10am - 8pm

Saturday: 10am-6pm

Sunday: Closed