Experienced Hands For Your Massage Therapy Needs In Austin

Building Relationships Through Touch

Experienced Hands For Your Massage Therapy Needs In Austin

Building Relationships Through Touch

About Me

An Introduction to me and my work


 More than anything- any agenda or any purpose- my goal is to hopefully instill in those who come through my doors the value of touch. When you touch someone, you are not only connecting with their physical, but you are forming a connection with their spirit, their emotions and intellect.  We all come to massage for different reasons. Whether it be for silence and relaxation, or pain management due to overwork and repetitive motion injuries- or simply to be touched- hopefully you will leave my table feeling complete. And maybe a little taller.  I am educated in many modalities, clocking upwards of 1000 hours in class room experience and countless hours of hands on experience. My touch is intuitive, nurturing, firm when needed, soft when needed, and all points in between. I do not bring my own agenda. I hope to foster a relationship of communication, openness and honesty. I want to know what you hope to get out of the session, and I will do my best to provide that.  I offer not only an incredible sensory inducing Swedish (along with free aroma therapy), but I specialize in deep tissue which mixes myo-fascial release, table Thai massage, and sports massage. I work on athletes pre- and post event, and maintenance in between. I work on musicians with repetitive motion strain, or anyone with any kind of repetitive motion injuries, whether it be occupational or movement from daily life.  I work out of my home in Northwest Austin. It is clean, cozy, pet and smoke free and shower is available.  I also offer spa therapies including salt and sugar scrubs and mud and clay wraps.  Out-calls in the Austin area are available with advanced notice within 20 miles. Call for rates and availability.  All sessions begin with an intake to assess your needs, so please arrive at least 10 minutes early.  


Menu of Services


Long, fluid strokes. Gentle passive stretching and rhythmic rocking. From the touch of a feather (sometimes with actual feathers!) to a firm nurturing caress. Swedish massage is a general relaxation session, with only specific deep work if requested. This session induces your senses of touch, aromatherapy* piques your sense of smell, and tranquil soothing music relaxes your sense of sound. All done in a cozy, clean, safe space. Cut out the world. 

 *aroma therapy can be avoided for those sensitive to smells   

Deep Tissue

 General to specific work designed around the different modalities I’ve learned over the years that I’ve found to be the most effective in treating chronic and acute pain. I will utilize myo-fascial release, trigger point therapy and Thai massage adapted for the table and Swedish techniques to optimize the session. Can be full body or specific spot work for muscle groups. My aim is to start superficially and then melt into the deep muscle fibers. Half of the session (or sometimes all the session) can be done without oils or creams. Passive and active stretching is included to articulate and loosen the joints, and stretch out muscle groups for deeper work.  I do not believe in re-injuring the client, I hope to expedite the recovery process, not prolong it.  Need a combination of both Swedish and deep tissue? A session of relaxation with deep work on trouble areas is my idea of a great time. You will receive the benefits of both sessions. 


Sugar and Salt scrubs. Mud wraps and clay baths. Invigorating. Messy. Wonderfully fun. These are extensive sessions (although you can ask about an express scrub), that include a vigorous full body rub with exfoliating gloves followed by a dry brushing to promote circulation and then the home made scrub is applied briskly. Followed by a long, hot shower.

 What’s the difference between Sugar and Salt and which one should you get? All scrubs are home made with sugar, sea salt, fractionated coconut oil, grape seed oil and 100% pure essential oils.  

Sugar- The more gentle scrub. It is better for those with sensitive skin, as it is less abrasive. The grains are smaller than salt. It also will not irritate any area that may be broken or cut. Good for dry skin.  

Salt- Abrasive. Deep exfoliation. Removes impurities, absorbs toxins. It actually hydrates the skin. Should not be used on broken or inflamed or sensitive skin.  

Mud and clay- Mud and clay sessions are started the same as the scrubs. You are rubbed with the exfoliating gloves before being brushed. I then use a broad paint brush to paint a thin layer of warm mud or clay. For thermal absorption for sore muscles, it is best to then be wrapped in cellophane to allow heat to build up for a short period. Meanwhile, I will perform a head and foot massage. You will then be wiped down. For drawing out impurities and toxins, we will not wrap you, but instead allow the clay to air dry before showering it off. Head and foot massage will be performed while you are drying.  These sessions can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. You can also choose to do a scrub/ massage combo session that lasts approx 120 minutes.  YOU WILL NEED TO SHOWER AFTER THESE SESSIONS. Bathroom and shower are cleaned daily, fresh towels will be provided.  


"Touch comes before sight, before speech-

it is the first language, and it always tells the truth"

-Margaret Atwood 

I grew up in the desert of New Mexico, and settled into Texas in 2001. The southwest will always be my home, where my spirit is and where my heart is, and I love Texas tremendously. This great state's spirit and land has helped me grow into the person I am.  I currently reside in Austin, a place that encourages individuality, welcomes diversity, and offers a wealth of alternative therapies. 

As an independent male massage therapist in Austin, I work hard to ensure your comfort. No matter your background, your faith, your heritage, your politics, your orientation- everyone is welcome through my doors. You have a safe space on my table. You own your time with me. Do with it as you wish as long as we are all respected. 

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Hunter Bartlett, LMT Massage & Bodywork

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