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Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing and Guided Meditation

We are energy and vibration. Energy is all around us. We are made of the universe and we are the universe. Chakra, (Sanskrit for "wheel") is the belief that we hold seven spinning centers of energy, and for better health, they must be spinning in balance.  

I use the pendulum method of balancing chakras, along with a guided meditation. Depending on the speed of the rotating pendulum upon each of your chakra points, this could take anywhere from a half hour or more. The rest of the session is spent using essential oils to lull you into a contemplative state with long, fluid strokes (effleurage). I will also help guide your breathing so that you can fully relax and focus on cleansing your energy field. This is followed by the cleansing smoke of the palo santo wood. 


Approx 90 minute session is $90